Sortition in eight flavors

Four screenplays, a short stage play, a long essay, a novella and a novel – all envisioning the pros and cons of using sortition (random selection) to ensure more accurately representative legislatures.

The genres run from wild magical realism to sober political analysis.

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"Politics Without Politicians" in the New Yorker

This article in the New Yorker is about a Yale political scientist and her vision of ‘open democracy’.

On the Citizen House: A Disquisitional Fiction

"On the Citizen House: A Disquisitive Fiction" is a novella of ideas in the form of socratic dialogue wrapped up in a road trip. Formatted as a proto-screenplay, description is sparse, characterization thin. Dialogue and visuals dominate.

The Citizen House is the world’s first national legislature chosen as the original Athenian democrats did -- by sortition (by random selection). Two representatives face the challenges of advocating for their disparate views in a legislature demographically more reflective of the entire population than any other.

Democracy in the 21st Century

In December 2015 I attended “Democracy in the 21st Century”, an international conference at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina —the library on the site of the iconic ancient one of Alexandria, Egypt.

The challenges facing our planet require that the practice of representative democracy — whether small-scale or large — be made fully representative.

Library director Dr. Ismail Serageldin provided an overview of what transpired during the three days. See his summary, attached.

Why Elections Are the Problem and How to Make Democracy Real

Representative democracy is in crisis. Legislatures do not accurately reflect all sectors of society. Ordinary citizens should have more say than merely pulling a ballot lever once every few years.

A government that is merely ‘for’ the people is not any longer good enough. It is time to institute a government that is also ‘by’ and ‘of’ the people.

The original Athenian democracy used a method altogether different than elections to select its officials. They used the system now used to select citizens for jury duty.

Text of "Steps Toward Abolishing War…"

TEXT WITH VISUALS for the lecture: "Steps Toward Abolishing War: Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping and A Two-Legged Democracy" (video, following item)
by David Grant

The Peace Studies Lecture
at Saint Lawrence University
4 November 2013

Towards a Two-Legged Democracy: A Trilogy

These three, stylistically different, 3-minute shorts were created for the Looking at Democracy contest.

Towards a Two-Legged Democracy

Making Democracy Real – The argument for legislative juries

Making Democracy Reality

The question is: How to support lobbyists for “Government By the People”?

In my previous blog I talked about how to support advocates (the nice word for lobbyists) for a government by the people. Here's the link to that blog

The Common Lot: Take Off...

...full-length novel

Follow this link to view the first four chapters of novel, THE COMMON LOT: TAKE OFF.

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