Mission Statement

The Mission

The Common Lot promotes democracy around the globe by advocating the use of demarchy for electing governing representatives.

The Vision

The vision is, in some ways, the more important part of the process. It must describe in relative detail our vision of the world as it could be, define the scope of tactics that we will employ to achieve that vision, and outline the membership of the movement, including what is required of each member and what we are asking each member, on a broad scale, to do.

Can we agree that this is the purpose of the vision statement? How would you amend this first stab at a mission statement?

As for the question about what we are asking people to do, can’t we ask them to participate in the site? Perhaps there is also a donate possibility? To a large extent, I am looking for people far smarter than myself to help identify ways to move the agenda forward.

About Common Lot Sortitionist

Former public television producer-director; initiating culminating career, Common Lot Productions, towards policy-making bodies that are of, BY and for the people.
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