What can you do to realize this next step for democracy?

Attention to the sortitional selection of decision-making bodies is increasing through publications and online forums. You can join our efforts in this in several ways:

  • Supporting Common Lot Productions. We sell DVDs and are available for presentations. We do not want to be a non-profit venture because we believe that the marketplace of ideas can provide. We are looking for financial advisors who can guide us to profitability.
  • Engaging with us on media productions. We have a full-length, big budget, high concept comic screenplay about “the common lot”. We do not have the capacity to take this forward. We welcome collaborators.
  • Suggesting other promotional manifestations of sortition. The idea is highly malleable. We can imagine live performances, other media productions and gallery installations in a wide variety of venues, exploring the concept of randomness. Again, we welcome collaborators and opportunities to explore these options.
  • Encouraging viral expansion through social networking. Become a member of our Facebook page “Common Lot Productions” and ‘like’ us to all your ‘friends’.
  • Experimenting with random selection in your lives, individually and corporately. Remember, though, that if your goal is proportional representation, statistical theory — the Law of Large Numbers — states that the greater the number in the selection pool, the closer proportional representation will be assured. And vice versa.
  • Joining our Common Lot Productions ‘think tank’ by sending your ideas about how to make this a financially self-supporting endeavor as well as one that contributes to the larger movement of realizing The Next Step for Democracy. E-mail: info@TheCommonLot.com.

About Common Lot Sortitionist

Former public television producer-director; initiating culminating career, Common Lot Productions, towards policy-making bodies that are of, BY and for the people.
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