How does the median U.S. household net worth compare to that of Congress?

The median net worth of Senators is $1.06 million.

Representatives about $366,000.

The median net worth of U.S. households about $120,000.

N.B. ‘Median’ means ‘in the middle’.
It is different than ‘average’. The average is the total divided by the number of entries.

For example, take five people with these incomes:
A = $10,000
B = $20,000
C = $30,000
D = $40,000
E = $900,000

The median would be $30,000 (C, in the middle).

But the average would be $200,000 (A+B+C+D+E=$1,000,000 divided by five people = $200,000)

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