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(text) Sortition and Unarmed Peacekeeping as Steps to Abolish War

Steps to Abolish War: Unarmed Peacekeeping and a Two-Legged Democracy

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Wikimania proposal: Why Elections Are The Problem and How to Make Democracy Real

For those of you who use Wikipedia, notice that ‘Wikimania’ will be in Washington 12-15 July. I have just proposed a presentation: “Why Elections Are the Problem and How To Make Democracy Real”. IF YOU ARE GOING or KNOW ANYONE … Continue reading

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Statistical accuracy in using sortition for a Citizen Legislature

You can find lots of FAQs about sortitional selection on the Common Lot website. Here’s one you’ll find this most recent entry (below) at https://thecommonlot.com/node/56 Question: What is the statistical probability that sortition (random selection) will result in an accurate … Continue reading

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List of Goods & Services offered by Common Lot Productions: sortition for a Citizen Legislature

Just posted a new list of goods and services from Common Lot Productions Click to access Items_offered_by_CLP_0.pdf Interest in the use of sortition continues to grow. Help make it happen by supporting our efforts.

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Latest interactive book format

I’m re-writing my unpublished 1987 novel, *The Common Lot*. Maybe it would be a candidate for first fiction in this format (less than six minute TED talk): http://www.ted.com/talks/mike_matas.html

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